In my work as a Performance Coach, I worked with professionals and executives on their career and life, there is one common recurring problem that became obvious to me. The quality of our adulthood is greatly impacted by the beliefs and thinking habits we formed in childhood. It is not uncommon for adults to live decades of their life as victims of unsupportive beliefs and habits that were formed during their formative years. These recurring blocks and habits hold them back in all aspect of life, preventing them from reaching their best potential causing a lot of pain and unfulfillment.

Your child’s interpretation of their childhood experiences, good or bad, can affect many important aspects of their adult life, in the choices they will make, their career performance, and in their relationship with others and with themselves. It struck me that we could do better for our children. Leveraging on my experience in my life coaching training, performance coaching and of course, my personal experience coaching my own and my clients’ kids, I founded Strider Kids Coaching with a mission – to help our children build a success mindset, self-confidence, mental resilience and be future-ready for a future that will certainly be different from the one that we have known.


Life coaching for kids is taking a proactive approach to help children building a strong mindset rather than wait until things get out of control. If we can assist children to get into the mental habit of making better choices and give them the confidence in knowing they have the tools to manage whatever challenges they will face, then we are one step closer to helping them create a better journey in life.

Our coaching programs are dedicated to helping children (suitable for 7-13 years old) build empowering habits and thinking patterns so that they discover their inner leader and are equipped to create a life of Happiness, Motivation and Inspiration.  

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