5 Core Steps to Raising Confident Resilient Kids

Even if they keep saying NO or not listening to you now

Genuine confidence is the key differentiator for success in life. Download this guide today to start building a lasting foundation for your child with empowering thinking and habits so they make consistently good decisions for themselves and succeed in life.

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The Make-or-Break Factor

Why so many parents fail to "get through" to their child - what is the most important foundation parents usually overlook when communicating and connecting with their child.

Empower not Control

What is the difference between Controlling a child and Empowering them? Discover the 'secret sauce' for a child to make consistently good decisions for themselves.

The Strider Kids System

A performance psychology based system validated by decades of research with 5 simple steps to truly raising confident, resilient, happy and successful children.

Your child's future depends on your actions today

As parents, we can leave it to chance and pray that our children will turn out okay, OR, we can equip them with a toolkit, and a strong mindset foundation and habits, that help them thrive.

By taking action today, you are giving your child one of the most important gifts a parent can give to a child.



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Tried everything and still not getting the results you want?

The question is... what does your parenting house look like?

These 5 steps is the key to building the foundation of happiness, mental resilience and self-confidence in your child, and transform you parent-child connection.

When you establish these 5 core steps, you will see your child become not only more cooperative but also responds more positively to anything hard. 

About the Author

Anna Luu, Peak Performance Coach


Hi, I am Anna. I help to remove the frustration and worries from parenting by partnering with you to set your child on a positive path to confidence, resilience and self-leadership.


Among my achievements in life, I am most grateful for my relationships and connections with my children - they know they are loved no matter what, and our home is a safe space for everyone to communicate openly, recharge and feel fully supported. But it wasn’t always like that from the start.

In my work as a performance coach, in corporate as well as in my own practice, I have worked with many individuals on their career and life, over the years, one common recurring factor became obvious to me. The quality of our adulthood is greatly impacted by the beliefs and thinking habits we formed in childhood. It is not uncommon for adults to live decades of their life as victims of unsupportive beliefs and habits that were formed during their formative years. These recurring blocks hold them back in all aspects of life, preventing them from reaching their best potential. Your child’s interpretation of their childhood experiences, good or bad, can affect many important aspects of their adult life, in the choices they will make, their career performance, and in their relationship with others and with themselves. 


I have had my fair share of blocks and falling off track.


Having overcome my own pain in my career, relationships and knowing how my childhood experiences could have played a crucial part in my struggles, when I became a mum, I knew I had a choice not to repeat that for my children. 


We can either choose to leave it to chances, and pray that our children will turn out okay in life, or, start them with a toolkit, a foundation of strong mindset and habits that empower them throughout their life. My choice is clear, and it has led me to this journey here.


Leveraging on my experience in my life coaching training, performance coaching and of course, my personal experience coaching my own and my clients’ kids, I have developed an easy 5-step guide to help parents with the basic essentials to build self-discipline, self-confidence and mental resilience in their children. 

I am offering this for free for a limited time. In this guide, I’ll share the fastest, and most effective way to build the foundation of happiness, mental resilience and self-confidence in children, so they have the inner resources to be self-disciplined, tuned in to their life and excel in whatever they do.


You’ll gain access to a pdf download for reviewing at your own pace. More resources will be available for the committed parents who really want to help their children gain the confidence and resilience needed for a head start in life. 


We all want our children to be happy, confident, resilient, so they can do well in whatever areas of life they apply themselves to.  You can help your child achieve all those and most importantly enjoy their growing journey with them too.



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You can never reclaim lost time with your child 

That's the inevitable truth. Time is ticking. Let us do our best as parents to support our child.  Intentionally building confidence in your child is setting them up to thrive academically, socially and emotionally.


These 5 core steps will help you look at every interaction with your child from a new perspective, transform your relationship with them and  be in a better position to support them towards more self-confidence and mental resilience. 

FREE For A Limited Time Only